Practice Notes

Why ATE?

After the event insurance has had a bad press, but Brian Dunk says it is a perfectly good way of funding private litigation, provided a few simple principl

19 Jan 2007

Wrongful dismissal

When claiming for wrongful dismissal, should you head for the employment tribunal… or the High Court? Clara Johnso

19 Jan 2007

Litigation tactics

Consent orders in civil cases; Monty Trent explains how to avoid some commo

19 Jan 2007

Companies Act 2006 (3)

In the final article in the series on the Companies Act 2006, Robin Hollington QC, Tim Akkouh and Emily Gillett discuss the new provisions concerning audit

19 Jan 2007

Drawing the line

In boundary disputes where the original conveyance is not clear, the Court of Appeal has ruled that subsequent conduct can be taken into accounts. Daniel G

19 Jan 2007

Hospital discharge

Can hospital managers order ‘conditional discharge’? Andrew Parson

19 Jan 2007

What's a house?

The Court of Appeal has determined what constitutes a ‘house’ for the purposes of exercising the right to buy a freehold under the Leasehold Reform Act

12 Jan 2007


From the legal powerhouse of Leeds to the burgeoning Sheffield, Yorkshire is a land of opportunity for lawyers. Andrew Towle

12 Jan 2007

Serves you right

Issues concerning service of the claim form have been addressed by the Court of Appeal on numerous occasions since the inception of the CPR. Clive Thomas t

12 Jan 2007

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