Vulnerable Clients

Special account

High interest rates proved attractive to a patient of the Court of Protection, as Denzil Lush explains

08 Jun 2020

Forget the carers, I want a Rolex!

As senior judge at the Court of Protection, Denzil Lush allowed an individual one item off his extravagant wish list following a £2m injury settlement

29 Jan 2020

The assumption of a duty of care

A public authority can assume responsibility towards someone by inference from its conduct towards them, as Laurence Toczek explains following the Supreme Court’s re-evaluation of the Caparo test

22 Jan 2020

Civil discontent

The criminal and family courts have made strides in support for vulnerable parties – are the civil courts finally about to catch up? Rachel Rothwell reports

16 Jan 2020

New guidelines to be written for pre-birth care proceedings

Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (NFJO) has pledged to develop the first national, evidence-based guidelines for professionals undertaking care proceedings involving newborn babies.

12 Dec 2019

Record rise in legal action against powers of attorney

Court action against people acting with power of attorney on behalf of vulnerable people leapt by 55 per cent in the last year – a recor

10 Oct 2019

No statutory bias against parent's appointment as adult child’s welfare deputy

There is no statutory presumption against the appointment of a parent or other family member as an adult child’s personal welfare deputy.
The Court of Protectio

03 Jul 2019

Former solicitor jailed for forging wills

A former solicitor has been sentenced to four years and two months in jail after admitting he forged clients’ wills to cover hi

12 Jun 2019

Relief effort: forfeiture and assisted suicide

Mark Pawlowski reviews the Court of Appeal’s latest ruling on the application of the forfeiture rule in relation to assisted suicide and considers circumstances where judges will likely grant relie

06 Apr 2019