Practice Notes: Tribunals & Courts

Update: planning

Gregory Jones discusses outline planning permission and EIA, enforcement actions, town and village greens, planning consent & bias, identity of land owner

29 Sep 2006

Keeping control

Costs capping is likely to be extended beyond group litigation, but, Simon Brown asks, will it really help keep costs unde

15 Sep 2006

Personal injury trusts

Personal injury trusts are the perfect solution for managing injury compensation awards for recipients of mean-tested benefits. Lynne Brade

11 Aug 2006

Getting disclosure

Coroners should remain free to make appropriate orders due to their unique role and new legislation should strengthen their powers. Simon Jackson Q

11 Aug 2006

Feeling aggrieved

Do aggrieved employees have to follow a specific procedure for their claims? Esther Morri

28 Jul 2006

DEBATE Carter: how will it affect your practice?

Lawyers from across the whole spectrum of the profession examine the ramifications of Lord Carter’

21 Jul 2006

Intext links test

This is a story with company names in it so that we can show intext links

12 Aug 2005

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