Practice Notes: Trade

Workshop | Commercial law: advising start-ups

Whether your client is the next Facebook or a niche start-up, they could benefit from your advice on alternative funding, says Jonatha

01 Oct 2012

Update | IP/IT: trademarks infringements

Susan Singleton considers the challenge to the Digital Economy Act, trademark cases 
pitting Red Bull against a German drink producer and Apple against Sam

10 Sep 2012

Workshop | Commercial: dealing with artistic designs

Jonathan Silverman and Robert MacGinn explain how 
intellectual property law can protect artists fro

22 Aug 2012

Should a breach of trust be 'serious' to end an agency agreement?

The claim against fashionable shoemaker Crocs by its former UK agents that 
the company wrongly ended their agreement could reinvent the rules on 

13 Jul 2012

European briefing | Complying with information requirements online

Few would disagree that handing over a letter counts as communicating information, even though the recipient must open it to know about its content, 
so wh

13 Jul 2012

Are the UK's sanctions against Iran's state bank legitimate?

The Supreme Court has granted private shareholders of Bank Mellat permission to intervene in the bank’s challenge to HM Treasury over the financial r

02 Jul 2012

Ofcom online piracy code targets ‘persistent infringers’

First customer notification letters not expected to be sent befor

28 Jun 2012

Court allows prosecution of repro Bauhaus furniture distributor

Differences in national copyright laws not an artificial partitioning o

21 Jun 2012

Police pay libel damages over murder statement

High Court decides suicide more likely after body found i

11 Jun 2012

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