Practice Notes: Trade

No alternative?

The principles laid down in Myatt and Garrett will lead to another round in the costs war, says Bret

25 Aug 2006

Land Registry plans

New leases registered with the Land Registry must be accompanied by an approved plan. And it’s not as simple as it sounds, says Kare

18 Aug 2006

No prejudice

Tim Akkouh and Emily Gillett discuss Bradford & Bingley v Rashid and ‘withou

11 Aug 2006

Blogging: the law

Having established that blogging was good for your practice, Justin Patten examines the lega

04 Aug 2006

European briefing

The House of Lords' departure from the European Commission's economic analysis in Crehan in a cause for concern, says Pau

04 Aug 2006

Landlord & tenant update (2)

Disrepair :: Forfeiture :: Break clause :: Landlord & Tenant Act (Covenants) Act 1995 :: Business tenancies by Norman Joss and Nic

21 Jul 2006

Share alike

After Miller, it is increasingly critical to get share valuation right, says Anne-Mari

09 Jun 2006

Intext links test

This is a story with company names in it so that we can show intext links

12 Aug 2005

Moving on

How has the treatment of gypsies and travellers in the UK progressed since the the Human Rights Act 1998 came into force? asks Davi

04 Jul 2003

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