Tax & Wealth structuring

Not a gift horse

Margaret Windram reviews the limits on the authority of attorneys and deputies to mak

Tax planning in light of the 2016 Budget announcements

With the dust settled on the chancellor's March budget announcements, accounting firms have had time to digest the content and look to see how best they can plan ahead for their clients, write

Guardianship law delay causing ‘distress’, Labour warns

Interests of missing people best served by a court-appointed guardian, says Clifford Chanc

Spring has sprung for private client practitioners

Victoria Mahon de Palacios advises on the key provisions of the Spring Budget 2016, including a couple of welcome surprises as well as previously announce

Tandem taxes

Julie Butler outlines the importance of marrying a capital gains tax strategy with inheritance ta

Dance, puppets

As a new tax year gets under way, Robert Maas considers what tax-planning strategies need to be updated and what needs to be scrapped completel

Ray of hope

The chancellor delivered a budget that will temporarily distract from the trials of today by encouraging us to look to the sunshine rays of tomorrow, says Luc