Practice Notes: Road traffic

Many road traffic cases are not clear cut

'Offending drivers' are prosecuted on the basis of the prosecution's point of view and their expert's opinion. Are they right, or is there

16 Jun 2014

Road traffic accident update

It is better to arrive late than not at all, says Roger Cooper, who discusses how speed and use of blues and twos affect negligence cases involving emergen

02 Jun 2014

Tackling the whiplash epidemic

Reform of the medico-legal reporting system should not be seen as the panacea for delivering further reductions in car insurance premiums, says Jame

01 May 2014

Sleep apnoea contributed to fatal crash

Successful defence of non-insane automatism reinforces to lawyers the importance of staying alert, says Hayle

01 May 2014

Duty bound: the Motor Insurance Bureau and road traffic accidents in the EU

Practitioners have been slow to exploit the potential of the motor insurance directives to fill the gap where a claimant sues an uninsured or untrace

25 Mar 2014

APIL calls for reform of the law on psychiatric injury

Current law, 25 years after Hillsborough, is 'old-fashioned, inflexible an

05 Mar 2014

Road traffic accident update

Careful judgement is required in selecting winter highway cases, Roger Coope

14 Jan 2014

Grayling bows to pressure over small claims limit for whiplash

Independent medical panels to be introduced nex

23 Oct 2013

Update | Road Traffic: motor insurers vs credit hire companies

Roger Cooper asks where the current battle lines between the motor insurance industry and credit hire companie

27 Sep 2013

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