Practice Notes: Road traffic

Doing a runner from the cabbie

Constraints placed on the first instance courts by authorities have led to an inconsistent approach in cases involving claimants who have jumped from m

02 Jun 2015

Infographics: Whiplash claims

Suggestions from car insurers about a rise in whiplash claims ar

01 Jun 2015

Greater measures are needed to keep young drivers safe

RoSPA hopes proposals will have same success as seatbel

19 May 2015

Horwich Farrelly criticises APIL over ‘fundamental dishonesty’ comments

No one should criticise insurers where they correctly use all the tools at their disposal to tackle and prevent fraudulent claims, counters insuranc

05 May 2015

Claims for lost years

David Regan considers the development of case law where a defendant’s negligence has cause

14 Apr 2015

Are changes to RTA medical reports an accident waiting to happen?

Experts fear the new whiplash reforms might lead to a two-tier allocation system, but welcome moves towards wider industry regulation, says Mar

05 Mar 2015

Damage control

Vijay Ganapathy considers the challenges of cases where a claimant is injured at a young age or involved in crimina

23 Feb 2015

Claim and negotiation principles

Alec Samuels says the legal propositions of RTAs are well and truly settled in the insuranc

12 Feb 2015

CPS’ handling of fatal RTAs deemed poor

Specialist prosecutor role recommended but government cuts remain an obstacl

04 Feb 2015

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