Practice Notes: Road traffic

Vnuk: An involuntary risk transfer

A recent CJEU decision on the 'use' of a vehicle raises questions about the scope of compulsory motor insurance, as well as the wider issue of how

22 Mar 2016

Shadow health minister tackles personal injury puzzle

Injured people will be left alone in an unfair battle against powerful insurance companies, says Jigsa

22 Feb 2016

Insurance Fraud Taskforce went ‘far beyond its remit’, says APIL

Defendant and claimant groups at odds over PI proposals, as the SRA is told to 'name and shame' insuranc

21 Jan 2016

Osborne’s removal of general damages is ‘callous’, says APIL

Government plans may clog up courts with claimants seeking 'specia

25 Nov 2015

NHS loses millions of pounds annually due to obsolete law

Costs recovery legislation must be reviewed as health service faces £2bn deficit, says Moore Blatc

28 Oct 2015

The role of expert reconstruction evidence

When can reconstruction evidence assist in road traffic accident claims, and when does the expert risk usurping the trial judge, asks Roge

06 Oct 2015

Kennedys warns MoJ over MedCo ‘gaming’

MedCo needs to be kept simple with a mirrored auditing procedure, says defendan

14 Sep 2015

What did the GP say? Making sense of a claimant’s self-report about care received

Drs Hugh Koch, Faye Fraser, Chris Harrop, and Elizabeth Boyd discuss the importance of careful analysis of GP records in forming a robust exper

24 Aug 2015

Former Miss England contestant found guilty of contempt of court

Defendant blames claims management company for persuading her to go along with insurance scam

12 Aug 2015

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