Practice Notes: Road traffic

Will dashcams bring an end to road accident disputes?

In-car recording devices can help to resolve liability for an accident more quickly and make a significant difference to ensuring victims get the help they

10 Aug 2016

What constitutes a novus actus interveniens?

Roger Cooper considers the question of unreasonable conduct on the part of a claimant so as to break the chain of causation in light of Sparrow

08 Aug 2016

Brexit: UK citizens injured in Europe could lose legal protections

Claimants could see access to justice harmed further following governmen

21 Jun 2016

Kickboxer loses fight in fraudulent whiplash claim

Case should deter others contemplating insurance fraud, says insuranc

28 May 2016

Consultations: What are they good for?

John van der Luit-Drummond deliberates whether the government is making a disingenuous attempt to engage with claimant lawyers over reforms t

06 May 2016

Changing landscape of PI claims harming access to justice

A distinction must be made between fraudulent claims and unnecessary claims, says Law Societ

05 May 2016

The spectre of fraud lurking behind RTA claims

Practitioners must be cautious when dealing with doubtful claims, as a loosely pleaded defence could be struck out with painful costs consequences, warns R

20 Apr 2016

Footballer handed suspended sentence for contempt of court

Motorist pays the penalty for faking whiplash as Attorney General's Office sends out

18 Apr 2016

Insurance industry ‘smokescreen’ will impact on injured motorists

ABI data shows less than 1 per cent of motor claims are proven to b

18 Apr 2016

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