Private client

Law reform body proposes giving courts 'dispensing powers' in will disputes

Law Commission calls for overhaul of 1837 Wills Act in consultation paving the way for electronic and video wills

Protecting elderly clients

Ann Stanyer welcomes proposals to reform the overburdened DOLS system and a recent decision on interpreting the LPA rules

Strasbourg court rejects Charlie Gard appeal

ECtHR endorses English courts’ ‘meticulous’ decisions that life-sustaining treatment withdrawal is in ten-month-old’s best interests

Supreme Court stays Charlie Gard ruling further ‘with considerable hesitation’

Justices frustrated at course of action they regard as not in Charlie’s best interests

Is probate facing a revolution?

Technology improves efficiency for probate practices without losing humanity, says Simon Farthing

LPAs: Safeguarding the client or facilitating abuse by attorneys?

The increase in people registering LPAs is heartening, but there are concerns that some attorneys are taking advantage of the ease with which they can be prepared, warns Ann Stanyer

Strasbourg court grants Charlie Gard’s parents six days to make substantive application

Suspensive measure extended to prevent ‘serious and irreparable harm’