Private client

Forget the carers, I want a Rolex!

As senior judge at the Court of Protection, Denzil Lush allowed an individual one item off his extravagant wish list following a £2m injury settlemen

29 Jan 2020 | Ethics and Compliance

The assumption of a duty of care

A public authority can assume responsibility towards someone by inference from its conduct towards them, as Laurence Toczek explains following the Supreme

22 Jan 2020 | Children

Civil discontent

The criminal and family courts have made strides in support for vulnerable parties – are the civil courts finally about to catch up? Rachel Rothwell

16 Jan 2020 | Children

Bust Trusts: A matter for Priorities

A Privy Council ruling could have wide implications for trustees and creditors of an insolvent trust, says Clara Hamon

01 Jan 2020 | Private client

New guidelines to be written for pre-birth care proceedings

Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (NFJO) has pledged to develop the first national, evidence-based guidelines for professionals undertaking care proceedi

12 Dec 2019 | Children

Prophet and loss

Jonathan Wheeler highlights how recent developments reflect issues he’s pondered here through the year

11 Dec 2019 | Private client

Freelancing: a new era?

Despite some high-profile naysaying early on, the introduction of freelance solicitors may yet re-shape the legal landscape

11 Dec 2019 | Career development

Christmas end to probate delays, says HMCTS

Christmas will see the end of the probate delays, HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) reportedly said at a meeting with the La

29 Nov 2019 | Legal services

When compensation can prove taxing

Elliot Elsey explains the tax treatment of compensation and the need for practitioners to secure expert advice from ta

23 Oct 2019 | Private client

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