Private client

A new leaf

Minster Law’s managing director Michael Warren explains to Matthew Rogers how the firm is finding ways to increase efficiency and grow it

Solicitors and social worth in the North East

Insurance lawyers have a new role model in Meg Kirby, the founder of a dynamic charity that provides urgent pro bono advice to terminally ill patients. John van der Luit-Drummon

Anchored in the community

Colin Jones talks to Matthew Rogers about steering Hewitsons through the perilous waters of the mid-tie

A forum of choice for arbitration

England may become a forum of choice for arbitration post-Brexit, suggests Charlott

How to charge your worth

Are you a lawyer and genuinely struggling to get paid what you’re worth? Then have no fear, as Vanessa Ugatti is here t

Know where you’re starting from before you depart

To know whether there is ‘good reason’ to depart from the budget, it is imperative to keep a clear record of the assumptions made, advises District Judge Richar

Online probate beta testing to be extended to solicitors this autumn

Lawyer concerned new system could be ‘abused by unscrupulou