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Private client

Working together to assist charities and benefactors

New guidance published for charity legacy professionals will help to ensure benefactors’ philanthropic wishes are implemented efficiently and correctly, wr

24 Feb 2017

Voices of vulnerable people

Elizabeth Eyre considers the role of practitioners in ensuring the wishes and feelings of vulnerable people are placed at the heart of decision making in t

14 Feb 2017

Supreme Court backs cohabitee’s right to receive late partner's pension

Victory for cohabitants could spark challenges to tax laws perceived to b

08 Feb 2017

What can we learn from the CMA report?

The recent report on the provision of legal services offers firms doing private client work a useful indication of the direction of travel, says Joh

24 Jan 2017

Rising will disputes and the need for practical advice

Testators should be encouraged to consider the potential impact of litigation on their estate, and, more specifically, on their beneficiaries, explains Emm

17 Jan 2017

New call on parliament to look again at introducing assisted dying laws

Terminally ill patient’s lawyer suggests framework for individuals with six months t

11 Jan 2017

Why solicitors play a key role in charitable giving

Rob Cope explains how simply raising the option of legacy giving with clients can increase the number of gifts made t

23 Dec 2016

Tax planning for everyone

Following the media furore over the late Duke of Westminster’s estate, Eamonn Daly highlights the differences between legitimate tax arrangements and abusi

22 Dec 2016

Following the golden rule

Ben Parr-Ferris considers the court’s approach to testamentary capacity in Burns and two recent decisions on the application of costs rules in contentious

22 Dec 2016


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