Private client

Probate fee hike ‘a nice little earner’ for MoJ

Government urged to think again as it admits it has no information on cost o

12 Apr 2017

Probate fee hike may not be legal, say MPs

Joint committee argues new fees amount to an inheritance tax by the bac

06 Apr 2017

Court refuses assisted-dying campaigner’s application

Dissenting judge keeps door open for future attempts at forcing a change in th

30 Mar 2017

Deserving or undeserving adult children?

Margaret Windram considers the Supreme Court decision on reasonable financial provision in Ilott v Blu

28 Mar 2017

Senior partner stole £1.2m from estates

Experienced private client solicitor made ‘monumental departure’ from probity an

27 Mar 2017

No power for Court of Protection to order care plan changes

Challenges to care-funding plans should be heard in Administrativ

23 Mar 2017

They fix things up, your mum and dad

Should the benefit to taxpayers be taken into account when examining claims under the Inheritance Act, asks Jean-Yve

22 Mar 2017

Assisted-dying campaigners crowdfund court applications

Patients with incurable illnesses in new legal battle for right to die wit

21 Mar 2017

Ilott: Started from the bottom, now we're here

This chapter may have come to an end with the Supreme Court’s ruling, but this is not the end of the story, suggests Juli

17 Mar 2017