Private client

Anchored in the community

Colin Jones talks to Matthew Rogers about steering Hewitsons through the perilous waters of the mid-tie

25 Sep 2017 | Private client

A forum of choice for arbitration

England may become a forum of choice for arbitration post-Brexit, suggests Charlott

22 Sep 2017 | Private client

How to charge your worth

Are you a lawyer and genuinely struggling to get paid what you’re worth? Then have no fear, as Vanessa Ugatti is here t

Know where you’re starting from before you depart

To know whether there is ‘good reason’ to depart from the budget, it is imperative to keep a clear record of the assumptions made, advises District Judge R

21 Sep 2017 | Private client

Online probate beta testing to be extended to solicitors this autumn

Lawyer concerned new system could be ‘abused by unscrupulou

20 Sep 2017 | Private client

Man’s (and clients’) best friend

Having a dog on the team is the best way to humanise a solicitors’ firm and comfort anxious clients, as Russell Conway ha

15 Sep 2017 | Private client

From little acorn to mighty oak

Shulmans’ values help it maintain a strong regional presence, says managing partner Tim Halstead. Matthew Roger

15 Sep 2017 | Private client

Decide for yourself

The judgment in CH v A Metropolitan Council demonstrates that before making decisions for a vulnerable person, there is a real obligation to support them t

Don’t underestimate career paralegals

Amanda Hamilton explains why the legal profession needs to embrace all paralegals, not just those who aspire to becom

12 Sep 2017 | Career development

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