Tax & Wealth structuring

Revisiting the principles of equitable mistake

Simon Davies, Michael Rogers, and Sandie Lyne consider the Guernsey case of Gresh v RBC Trust Company on mistakes as to ta

03 May 2017

All present and correct

In view of the strict penalties for failing to correct tax errors, John Cassidy advises solicitors to make sure clients with offshore affairs have them reviewed withou

03 May 2017

Probate fee hike may not be legal, say MPs

Joint committee argues new fees amount to an inheritance tax by the bac

06 Apr 2017

NIC rise will see ‘big law firm partners’ pay a little more

Treasury seeks higher contributions from lawyers while HMRC targets advisers who enable tax avoidanc

09 Mar 2017

Tax planning for everyone

Following the media furore over the late Duke of Westminster’s estate, Eamonn Daly highlights the differences between legitimate tax arrangements and abusiv

22 Dec 2016

Assets in the attic

John FitzGerald advises executors on the operation of the government’s acceptance in lie

25 Oct 2016

Post-Osborne estate planning

With a new chancellor of the exchequer at the helm, John Bunker urges lawyers not to lose sight of the reforms introduced by hi

12 Oct 2016

About time

Following the long-awaited consultation on reforms to the taxation of non-doms, Kate Johnson issues a plea to the government to give practitioners the time to advise clients clearly i

07 Oct 2016

Waiting for Brexit

Wealth management practitioners will need to pay close attention to the implications of the Leave vote for the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive and to the outcome of the revised DOTA

27 Sep 2016