Police & Prisons

Hillsborough inquest: Acting for Liverpool

Mark George QC and Marcia Willis Stewart talk to John van der Luit-Drummond about handling the logistics, and the emotions, in one of the grossest miscarriages of justice the world has eve

24 May 2016

ECtHR: Police should not be prosecuted for Jean Charles de Menezes shooting

CPS decision not to prosecute armed police vindicated by Strasbourg cour

30 Mar 2016

‘Kafkaesque’ Turkey shows ‘extreme contempt’ for the rule of law

Turkish authorities breaches international law with arrest of human right

22 Mar 2016

Court of Appeal overturns state prison smoking ban

Health Act does not apply to public sector prisons in England an

08 Mar 2016

Government up to its ‘old tricks’ with prison service compensation audit

BLM announce personal injury audit to support MoJ's crackdown on 'spurious

07 Mar 2016

New criminal offence for senior bankers is a ‘paper tiger’

New law marks biggest regulatory change for the financial industry since the 200

07 Mar 2016

‘Principled’ Heathrow 13 avoid jail after airport trespass

Protest was 'a matter of life and death'. The impact of air pollution is a 'ticking time bomb', says Hodge Jones & Alle

25 Feb 2016

‘Elementary, my dear Watson’: The duty to investigate in article 2 inquests

Matthew Waszak discusses a recent case on the scope of coroners' investigative duties in an inquest into a death in polic

23 Feb 2016

Sentence reduction for guilty pleas draft guideline published

New rules aim to incentivise offenders while sparing victims and witnesses cour

11 Feb 2016