Personal injury

QOCS and ‘mixed claims’

Sophie Khan considers the first case to involve qualified one-way costs shifting in relation to type

19 May 2017

Tories ‘consider’ ban on personal injury cold calling

Stamp out of nuisance calls welcomed but plan to scrap SFO described as ‘

18 May 2017

The correct use of the Bolam test

Dr Jock Mackenzie considers recent clinical negligence cases which raise the question of when the Bolam, Montgomery, and Penney tests shoul

08 May 2017

Goodbye to vicarious liability's close connection test?

By paying lip service to Lister, the courts will shatter the close connection principle, writes Chri

03 May 2017

Last word: Criminal class

Attending a speed awareness course brings home to Richard Barr the need for drivers to be trained to be more aware of th

03 May 2017

‘Pointless’ fixed costs risk patient safety

Public backs fixed costs, poll shows, as Medical Protection Society calls on government to b

02 May 2017

Once more unto the breach

Vijay Ganapathy considers the high threshold in common law negligence claims involving dangerous activities and the apportionment of damages for asbestos-relate

26 Apr 2017

Time to improve the political discourse around personal injury

Lawyers and insurers should lobby the next government together to produce a fairer claims process, writes Qama

25 Apr 2017

Ignore the discount rate at your peril

The courts are readily applying the new lower rate, leading to increased damages for claimants, advises Kisha

25 Apr 2017