Personal injury

Who's the patient?

The recent case of ABC has addressed the question of who clinicians owe a duty to in particular circumstances, write Caron Heyes and Christin

05 Jul 2017

End of an era as Grech steps down as Slaters’ CEO

Departure part of wider restructuring forced by US private equit

29 Jun 2017

CICA claims offer hope to PI clients

James Barker explains how solicitors can protect a client’s interests where an employer intends to robustly defend a vicarious liabilit

28 Jun 2017

Can white knight lawyers return?

There are challenges ahead if we want to breathe new life into the reputation of claimant lawyers, but that should not stop us from trying, writes Jonatha

26 Jun 2017

Cap lawyers’ fees and future care costs to save NHS, report says

MPS calls for fixed recoverable costs on clinical negligence claims up t

23 Jun 2017

Government to go ahead with ‘scandalous’ whiplash reforms

Claimant lawyers promise to fight and influence Civil Liabilit

21 Jun 2017

Claimant lawyers resigned to discount rate change

Rate expected to move to between 1 and 1.5 per cent, a survey of solicitor

19 Jun 2017

Service complaint

Jonathan Wheeler discusses the discount rate, withdrawing part 36 offers, and rectifying procedura

31 May 2017

Families will be held ‘hostage’ by ‘crude’ birth injury scheme

Claimant lawyers critical of ‘factory-style’ rapid resolution and redres

25 May 2017