Personal injury

Civil Justice Council proposes fixed costs regime for hearing loss claims

Proposals could bring about a more efficient system but must not restrict work required to allow lawyers to bring a claim, say

06 Sep 2017

No duty on solicitor to challenge client’s decision not to pursue a specific hea

Jackson LJ slams firm who ‘turned client’s head’ into suing previous solicitors to ‘top up’ a personal injur

06 Sep 2017

Why Admiral are wrong on the discount rate

If the costs of claims really are increasing, then drivers must accept higher premiums as a price for motoring, writes Jonatha

29 Aug 2017

A “sea change” in procedure

Vijay Ganapathy considers recent cases on the risks of expert shopping and the problem of identifying the correct defendant where the tort occurred many year

14 Aug 2017

Fat-cat insurers are lining their pockets

It is time for a root and branch review into the unscrupulous practices of the insurance industry, says Qama

08 Aug 2017

Insurers ‘cry wolf’ while raking in profits

Thompsons launches #FeedingFatCats and calls out insurers’ ‘insatiable appetite fo

04 Aug 2017

Life and existence in the Court of Appeal

Jonathan Wheeler considers an exceptional case on the question of whether a child born as the result of incest is able to recove

25 Jul 2017

NHS clinical negligence claims down but legal costs rise to £624m

Obstetric claims accounted for 50 per cent of new claims’ tota

17 Jul 2017

CPR committee asked to close foreign holiday sickness claim ‘loophole’

Government puts forward further proposals to tackle ‘compensatio

11 Jul 2017