Legal Practice for Solicitors and Lawyers: Personal injury

Northern Ireland PI discount rate

NI's Department for Justice is expected to change the personal injury discount rate for the region to -1.75 per cent from 31 May

26 Mar 2021

Mesothelioma: Secondary asbestos exposure

Lorna Webster explores the potential redress available to victims of secondary asbestos exposure 

22 Mar 2021

Peers must drop ‘money-saving’ 6-year limit on injury claims by military

Injured army veterans will be treated as second class citizens if proposed restrictions to legal rights are not dropped, warns APIL

10 Mar 2021

The psychological impact of major trauma injuries

Lawyers should adopt the right mindset, taking a holistic approach to rehabilitation needs in the case of psychological injury, says Claire Roantree

01 Mar 2021

Whiplash portal causes concern over access to justice and compensation 

Claimants may be entitled to less compensation than previously

01 Mar 2021

Justice for the injured dealt a blow by scrapping of EU quadbike law

PI lawyers are dismayed at scrapping of EU laws requiring insurance for vehicles such as forklifts and quadbikes

23 Feb 2021

Heading off a litigation storm

Serious covid-19 has legal implications for clinicians and heightens the risk of negligence claims, says Gemma Lindfield 

04 Feb 2021

My apologies

Steven Baylis considers whether an Apologies Bill could lead to a decrease in the number of compensation claims

27 Jan 2021

‘Get whiplash done’: Government delays reforms again

The Justice Secretary’s announcement of further delay to the whiplash reforms has been met with mixed reactions within the sector

12 Jan 2021

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