Personal injury

My apologies

Steven Baylis considers whether an Apologies Bill could lead to a decrease in the number of compensation claims

27 Jan 2021 | Clinical negligence

‘Get whiplash done’: Government delays reforms again

The Justice Secretary’s announcement of further delay to the whiplash reforms has been met with mixed reactions within the sector

12 Jan 2021 | Personal injury

How to get a new disability recognised in law

Radiation sickness sufferers are fighting to have their condition recognised as a disability, as Jessica Learmond-Criqui explains

07 Jan 2021 | Discrimination

A high bar

The courts have considered what a responsible and logical body of doctors would have done in similar circumstances, as Dr Jock Mackenzie explains

08 Dec 2020 | Clinical negligence

Whiplash reforms: OIC service lacks independent oversight

MASS has called for an urgent review of governance arrangements for the new official injury claim (OIC) service, ahead of its April 2021 launch date

30 Nov 2020 | Legal services

Major trauma legal-medico group launched

A new national service for individuals affected by major trauma has been launched by a group of leading law firms and medics

03 Nov 2020 | Clinical negligence

PI firms ‘wasting’ marketing budgets

Personal injury firms are 'wasting' their marketing budgets because they do not understand what potential clients are looking for

Landmark case: PI claimant wins £800,000 for special accommodation

Court of Appeal rewrites the approach to personal injury compensation for capital costs in relation to special accommodation, to reflect ‘modern cond

09 Oct 2020 | Legal services

DWF raids Keoghs for Southampton base

DWF sets up new UK insurance practice with Keogh's team

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