Practice Notes: Pensions

Property versus pension: the conclusion

Which is the better investment? Colin Lawson gathers the facts and the figures to offer his answer to this frequently aske

11 Jun 2013

Growing old disgracefully

Clients are living longer, but can they afford to? Seemingly not ?as advisers are increasingly dealing with debt and bankruptcy in ?later life, says Mat

22 May 2013

Property versus pension: the FAQ

The only way to get people to save for retirement in the right way is with a combination of facts and emotion, says Coli

07 May 2013

Muddy waters

Philip Challinor uncovers the murky world of pension liberation and makes a 'friend' along th

25 Apr 2013

Work here, save there

International pension plans offer flexibility for seconded employees or those who work at multi-jurisdictional firms, says Nanc

18 Apr 2013

Update | Pensions: Same-sex partnerships and defined benefit pension schemes?

As same-sex partnerships gain increasing equality, Jennie Kreser looks at the likely impact on defined benefit pensio

28 Mar 2013

Safe deposit?

Taking investment risks may not seem like a wise choice in the ?short term, but inflation can have an insidious effect on savings, says Scot

26 Mar 2013

Spring into action

Stephen Barratt highlights some of the main personal tax and financial considerations for advisers and thei

18 Mar 2013

The rainy day cometh

With the advent of the single-tier national/state pension, financial advisers must do more to help clients save for retirement, says Scot

25 Feb 2013

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