Practice Notes: Pensions

Pensions update

The implementation of automatic enrolment has gone horribly wrong, 
and it's savers who will be penalised, says Jenni

25 Nov 2013

Take a SIPP

Self-invested personal pensions have attracted much interest, primarily because they offer great flexibility when saving for retirement, says Kat

24 Sep 2013

Own goal

Whether your client takes home a footballer’s top salary or not, cash flow planning is as important as investment when looking to retirement, says

16 Sep 2013

Pension pot-roast

Clients making large contributions may want to review their savings options now and there's lots to consider, says Rebecc

02 Sep 2013

Update | Pensions: asset-backed funding arrangements

Jennie Kreser and 
Dilini Loku consider 
the rocketing popularity of asset-backed funding arrangements and their potential future downfal

15 Aug 2013

Resting on their laurels

Clients should not dismiss holding a rising income in retirement, and there's no turning back if they buy an annuity, says And

08 Jul 2013

Common sense prevails

HMRC's climbdown on QROPS highlights how mainstream the schemes have become in recent years, says Nige

28 Jun 2013

Bigger picture

There’s much more to building portfolios than deciding where to invest, but you can keep things simple using a three-tiered structure, says Scot

21 Jun 2013

Property versus pension: the conclusion

Which is the better investment? Colin Lawson gathers the facts and the figures to offer his answer to this frequently aske

11 Jun 2013

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