Practice Notes: Pensions

Potted future

Do the government’s pension changes mean free money for your clients, asks Scot

27 May 2014

The pensions genie is out of the bottle

Clients approaching retirement should consider their pension as part of their overall wealth, taking into account any property or other investments they

23 May 2014

Have pensions finally found their sex appeal?

After a groundbreaking Budget, pensions are back on the agenda and simply cannot be ignored, says Coli

16 May 2014

Pensions update

Dilini Loku takes a look at the small yet radical changes to pension schemes following the recent Budge

02 Apr 2014

Shaping one of the most significant welfare reforms in 70 years

The Department for Work and Pensions will have been relieved by the Court of Appeal's judgment on benefits while government will be praying it was not

19 Mar 2014

Referral to go

Auto-enrolment pensions are coming, and this time they should work, so solicitors would be wise to line up their IFA contacts in readiness, says Scot

19 Jan 2014

Closed for business

SME owners have various options to consider when preparing for later life, including whether they can afford to retire at all, says Mike Carpente

06 Jan 2014

Breaking up is hard to do

When couples are divorcing and splitting their complex pensions, solicitors and financial advisers should be getting together, says Stev

19 Dec 2013

Treat pensions like any other investment

Saving for retirement through a pension is a common choice but it's also very emotive, so consider all aspects carefully, says Luc

09 Dec 2013

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