Practice Notes: Pensions

Court of Appeal close to setting debt repayment precedent

Michael Henry could be forced to pay off his debts with his pensio

23 Jan 2015

The burden of knowledge

A greater understanding that their planning is poor leads lawyers to worry about their retirment more than most, so why not act now

22 Jan 2015

Taking the sting out of pensions reform

Practitioners should ignore the scaremongering about pensions change and concentrate on giving clients the best advice possible, urges Kat

20 Jan 2015

Saving for tomorrow

Reforms to pensions and ISAs will alter the UK's savings system beyond recognition when government reforms come into effect on 6 April. Penny Cogher

15 Jan 2015

Europeans pensions authority ‘risks being left behind’

The NAPF says the authority has no mandate from the European Commission to pursue a Holistic Balance Shee

15 Jan 2015

Lawyers warned about costs of delaying retirement planning

Research suggests that practitioners need a pension pot of £703,000 by the age of 6

14 Jan 2015

A new set of toys

Only time will tell if the chancellor's pensions revamp was a wise and calculated decision or a reckless short-term vote winner, but from a financia

09 Jan 2015

Lawyers warned about new pension freedoms

Pension scheme providers do not have to adopt the new flexibilities offered be the reform

06 Jan 2015

Half of employers expect staff to need extra guidance on pensions

A majority of employers are broadly positive about the governments pensions overhaul but 50 per cent believe they will need to provide extra guidance t

10 Dec 2014

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