Practice Notes: Pensions

Almost all carers miss out on pension credits

People who care for others for at least 20 hours a week could be eligibl

11 Aug 2015

Government seeks to force companies to offer full pension freedoms

Senior ministers have been very vocal about their disappointment with the industry's inability to instigate chang

30 Jul 2015

Pension loophole

Julie-Ann Harris explains how the recent pension reforms may affect divorcin

16 Jun 2015

How useful is the spousal bypass trust in light of the pension reforms?

While clients are now less likely to be aware of the benefits, spousal bypass trusts continue to play an important role in relation to inheritance tax plan

02 Jun 2015

Pensions, politics and predictions

High earners need to act fast and utilise the tax relief advantages of putting money into a pension before it's to

01 Jun 2015

Outliving finances

Freedom to access pension savings is very welcome, but short-sighted decisions could result in people outliving their entire saving

18 May 2015

Pension paradox

The biggest benefit of the pension freedoms may come from leaving the money untouched and never making a withdrawal a

29 Apr 2015

NAPF calls for creation of a retirement savings commission

Association believes that political parties' are too concerned with short-ter

24 Apr 2015

The broad strokes

Jane Wolstenholme provides a roadmap to the pensions reforms and suggests that giving the industry time to acclimatise will be the best way to ensure go

07 Apr 2015

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