Practice Notes: Pensions

Making workplace pension schemes work

Despite increased penalties and a government campaign, the auto-enrolment of employees in a pension scheme remains a challenge for smaller employers, write

19 Dec 2016

Judiciary take Truss to tribunal over pension changes

Hundreds of judges join mass discrimination claim against Ministry o

15 Nov 2016

More must be done on miners’ pension fund

The 50/50 split of the miners' pension surplus should be renegotiated to be more equitable, says Pete

08 Sep 2016

A nation of shopkeepers

Jennie Kreser considers the questions raised by the BHS pensions scheme, particularly regarding decisions made by trustees and The Pension

24 May 2016

The freedom to make a mess

One year on from the government's overhaul of the pension industry, Binyamin Ali considers what the lasting legacy of the freedoms will b

12 May 2016

Do you scheme?

The Pensions Regulator's ambiguous guidance and regulations are having the effect of increasing salaries, not pension saving

21 Mar 2016

Make sure they're golden

If your clients' are banking on the good life when they retire, they need to realise that it's a goal they have to reach for throughout their li

17 Feb 2016

Smells like scandal

Many don't realise that they could be be losing half the value of their pension benefits, even with the introduction of a cap on exi

12 Feb 2016

If it's not broken...

The pension freedoms do not mean that funds have to be withdrawn. Many will benefit from simply leaving their mone

01 Feb 2016

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