Practice Notes: Pensions

Part-time judges are entitled to pensions, Supreme Court rules

'Budgetary considerations cannot justify discriminator

06 Feb 2013

Dilnot cap in hand

Lauren Killilea reports on the latest reforms on long-term care funding and other developments affecting olde

05 Feb 2013

Simplification? Whom are you kidding?

Colin Lawson on the ever-changing tax and pensio

29 Jan 2013

Testing times for older people

Will your elderly clients be ?protected after the welfare reforms? Gareth Morgan reports on the impact of means-testing benefits, pension credit adjustm

16 Jan 2013

Update | Pensions: pension scheme data records

By the end of the year trustees pension scheme data records will need to 
be completely accurate. Jennie Kreser explains what’

23 Nov 2012

Flexible pension drawdown can be a key part of effective 
tax planning, says Scott Gallacher

In the last decade, a mixture of hope and frustration greeted the government’s radical overhaul of pension reform in 2006. Not only this, but a

31 Oct 2012

Scott Gallacher explains how to avoid the pitfalls associated with dividing pension pots upon divorce

Considering that pension sharing has been in existence for almost 12 years I am always surprised at the lack of co-operation, formal or informal, betw

24 Aug 2012

Update | Pensions: forced retirement policies

Dilini Loku discusses the legitimacy of forced retirement policies – is there a case for discrimination on the basis of age and should governments be more

22 Aug 2012

Statement of intent: HR Trustees v Wembley plc

Are pension scheme changes that are attempted, but not properly executed, valid? Fenner Moeran considers HR Trustees v Wemble

27 Jun 2012

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