Practice Notes: Pensions

Pensions: recovery of overpayments

Amy Difford reviews the new challenges for pension schemes regarding overpayments

08 Dec 2022

What does rising inflation mean for pension schemes?

Nigel Cayless explores how trustees and employers may address the impact of soaring inflation on

25 Oct 2022

Decrease in trust? High Street banks and equity

George Grierson examines why fewer High Street banks now deal with trusts

17 Jul 2022

What is the UK Trust Registration Service?

Elaine Morgan examines the purpose of the UK TRS, and how it helps clients

23 Jun 2022

Pension sharing upon divorce

Annabel Andreou explains the different ways in which pensions may be treated in the context of

16 May 2022

Regulatory overload: is there such a thing as too much pensions legislation?

Nigel Cayless assesses crucial pensions legislation in 2021 and how it could impact regulations

11 Jan 2022

The Pension Schemes Act 2021 – the biggest shake-up in UK pensions since Maxwell?

Nigel Cayless assesses the implications of the Pension Schemes Act 2021.

04 Oct 2021

GAD consults on judicial pension reform

Reforms aim to address the escalating judicial recruitment and retention crisis

11 Aug 2021

Saving for the future

The benefits of a pension scheme for self-employed partners far outweigh the complexity of the

21 Oct 2020

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