Practice Notes: Local government

Back to the good old days

Brexit is the opportunity to reshape the government and do away with the Ministry of Justice, writes Blai

22 Sep 2017

The fable of the boiling frog

Partners in legal aid firms are feeling the heat but, thanks to the government, can’t get out of the simmering pot, explains Stev

22 Sep 2017

GDPR 101

Implementing the new data protection regulation successfully must be a priority for the whole firm, not just the IT department, advises Ale

14 Sep 2017

Tackling the conduct of local authority members

Sandwell shows that English local authorities must comply with the core requirements of the Localism Act 2011, explains Tiffan

06 Sep 2017

The hand we've been dealt

Jeremy Phillips considers the latest developments in licensing law, including a government crackdown on illegal working, enforcement actions, and a preview

06 Sep 2017

When is land eligible to be registered as a town or village green?

The recent case of TW Logistics v Essex County Council provides a useful source of information on the current problems, says Ale

31 Jul 2017

Housing under-supply and over-demand

Julian Boswall and Alex Minhinick consider the potential impact of the Conservative manifesto pledges on housing and infrastructure, and other significan

11 Jul 2017

Death by a thousand cuts?

Sailesh Mehta discusses the implications of further cuts to the fire brigade and how they affect the regulator’s ability t

04 Jul 2017

Grenfell: Suitable, safe, secure?

The Grenfell Tower fire demonstrates that social housing is in crisis. In the aftermath of the disaster, Jayesh Kunwardia considers the challenges facing t

04 Jul 2017

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