Law Commission confirms validity of electronic signatures

The Law Commission has confirmed that electronic signatures can be used to execute documents and are, in most cases, a viable alternative to handwritt

12 Sep 2019

SRA consults on solicitor advocates

Changes to the assessment of solicitor advocates and qualifying requirements for undertaking advocacy in serious youth court cases have been proposed

11 Sep 2019

Let’s be realistic

David Hodson OBE asks if it’s time for a John Cornwell-style code of practice for lawyers’ wellbeing in famil

05 Sep 2019

How to beat endless court delays

Vanessa Asante encourages divorce lawyers to consider practical steps to avoid cour

22 Aug 2019

Consortium launches no-win, no-fee commercial litigation

A consortium of high street law firms is extending PI-style ‘no-win, no-fee’ litigation to commercia

14 Aug 2019

Why ADR methods can never replace the true justice of legal aid

Proposals for a ‘third way’ to resolve low level family disputes involving children through an ADR model are doomed for lack of funding, says Davi

08 Aug 2019

Brave new world for civil litigators: get ready for dispute resolution ‘family s

Gareth Ledsham prepares civil law practitioners for embracing judge-led dispute resolution through FD

08 Aug 2019

Facing pressure from clients

A conflict can easily arise when acting for both parties who reach an amicable agreement on separation, but solicitors must think ethically, says Men

17 Jul 2019

Floored by paper

Digitising documents sounds a great idea until you realise you can’t really flick through a bundle on screen, says Richard Bar

10 Jul 2019