Expert witness

‘Reckless’ expert witness struck off

Doctor found to have falsified experience under oath when providing evidence for injur

27 Apr 2015

Principle of least interest

Budget constraints, tight timetabling and harsh costs sanctions are increasing tensions between experts and solicitors and risk undermining justice, says Mar

04 Mar 2015

Deception detection

Investigating reliability and truthfulness in personal injury interviews, by Drs Hugh Koch, Frank Beesley and Annett

03 Mar 2015

GP jargon buster: a guide

Dr Nicholas Swale translates the difficult vernacular used in doctors'

13 Jan 2015

Solicitors are placing pressure on experts to amend reports

Expert witnesses feel their impartiality has been damaged by som

24 Nov 2014

MoJ must undertake a study of expert witness misconduct

QC suggests judges should refer complaints about experts to professiona

10 Nov 2014

New guidance published for instruction of experts in civil claims

Guidance will assist litigants, practitioners and experts to understand bes

27 Aug 2014

Damage control: Defamation Act in force

Stuart Evans and Simon Garner say that a stricter approach will hopefully lead to speedie

22 Jul 2014

False reporting is a threat to justice

Ill-informed and poorly researched media reports undermine the valuable role experts play in family proceedings, says Dr Juli

19 Jun 2014