Expert witness

Suit up

Will the removal of expert immunity from suit have a negative impact on witness evidence, or will it improve standards and discourage mavericks? Andre

04 Jul 2011

Critical thinking

Clare Arthurs examines what happens when experts are criticised by the courts, and what you can do to avoi

04 Jul 2011

Off the record

Could we be approaching a time when the police are forced to delete their DNA database? Anna Fairclough report

04 Jul 2011

In check

Experts are not infallible - it is essential that defence lawyers provide them with as much information as possible to help them make the right decisi

04 Jul 2011

Roaming charges

Can mobile phone records really offer your defendant a get out of jail free card? Duncan Campbel

04 Jul 2011

Bad influence

Increasing control over expert evidence in criminal trials will make justice more costly and less accessible, argues Finola Mos

16 May 2011

Siren call

The police reform bill threatens the future of an accountable and transparent police complaints procedure, argues Sophi

18 Apr 2011

Safety is not an 'unchanging concept'

Lord Mance has ruled that whether a factory is safe should be assessed by the “standards of the time” and there is “no such thing as an unchanging con

18 Apr 2011

Suit yourself

The Supreme Court’s decision to abolish experts’ immunity from suit has left witnesses open to negligence claims, but to what extent will things reall

04 Apr 2011