Practice Notes: Judicial review

Government ‘unlawfully’ tried to overrule parliament’s intentions

A legal challenge is being brought against the government by BDB Pitmans for deciding to abandon laws passed by parliament

20 Jul 2020

Senior judges ‘distorting’ the law

Parliamentarians should “act to limit judicial power and vindicate parliamentary democracy and the rule of law”, the former leader of the Conse

30 Dec 2019

Tory judicial review plans risk 'rule of tyranny'

Considerable alarm has been prompted by Conservative Party plans to review the judicial review process. It says in its 2019 election manifesto that it inte

26 Nov 2019

All’s fair: legal challenges to hospital closure consultation

Two recent cases on hospital closures suggest that public bodies may have to provide more detailed justification for their decisions, explains Michae

05 Jun 2019

Preserving one’s position

Rizvan Mussa and Salima Mawji reflect on the latest High Court guidance on judicial review and complaints to the Office of the Independen

25 Sep 2017

Munby and outspoken judges

We expect our judges to be clear, reasonable, and proportionate in their remarks, and not to use the emotionally charged language of newspaper columnists,

15 Sep 2017

The DIY form that could make divorce anything but easy

The new DIY petition could make a difficult situation for clients even worse, warns Pau

05 Sep 2017

The Supreme Court: Under new management

Will the appointment of Lady Hale encourage the legal profession to modernise, wonders Julia

05 Sep 2017

Life and death decisions

Samantha Jones considers the role of the courts in the recent cases of Charlie Gard and two Northern Irish women challenging the health secretary’s policy

25 Jul 2017

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