Practice Notes: Judicial review

The Cart before the horse?: Reform and Cart judicial review

Mr Cathál MacPartholán considers the effect of judicial review reforms on public policy precedent

06 Sep 2021

The Reform of Judicial Review

Alec Samuels argues that efforts to reform judicial review are lacklustre and have fallen short.

06 Sep 2021

Judicial Review and Courts Bill: ‘better for this government, but not for its citizens’

The proposed bill introduces two major changes to the current law

22 Jul 2021

Judicial review: the value of the public interest

Martin Edwards reflects on the government’s motives behind proposed changes to judicial review law

04 Jun 2021

Lord Puttnam – defender of democracy

Philip Henson discusses democracy with Lord Puttnam, who chaired the Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies, following release of its unani

01 Jun 2021

Consultation: Judges to be deterred from political decisions

The MoJ is consulting on proposals to strike a balance between citizens’ rights and effective governance

29 Mar 2021

Cycling to court

Cycling UK has applied for judicial review against the decision to remove a cycle lane opened during covid-19. Its solicitors, Leigh Day, said the decision

11 Mar 2021

Overcrowded families

A family living in a crowded one-bedroom flat, as that was all they could afford, won a landmark Court of Appeal ruling that could result in families

29 Jan 2021

HRA review a 'giant leap backwards'

An independent review of the Human Rights Act was announced today but Amnesty International warned of a ‘giant leap backwards’

07 Dec 2020

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