Practice Notes: Intellectual property

Customs enforcement on IP rights

Charlotte Wilding explains the effect of Regulation (EU) No. 608/2013 on the scope of IP rights covered by customs enforcement and the ability to seize inf

24 Jan 2017

The future of IP management

New technology will allow law firms to offer their clients new opportunities and help drive their business strategies, writes Simo

06 Dec 2016

What’s in a name?

Mike Shaw discusses the High Court’s decision in Karen Millen on a founder’s use of their own name following a busines

08 Nov 2016

‘Should’ve’ registered that trade mark?

If granted, Specsavers’ trade mark application may give other companies added impetus to consider applying for single or few words marks in common usage, w

27 Sep 2016

FRAND and deliver: Telco patents work out

Fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms have led to a huge decrease in patent litigation between telecommunications companies, writes Gwily

21 Sep 2016

Keep calm and plan ahead

Jonathan Silverman addresses the potential effects of Brexit on IP practitioners an

08 Aug 2016

One-third of EU SMEs suffer from IP infringement

Three in five firms say that securing their intellectual property rights was a positiv

14 Jun 2016

IP litigation and Brexit

Giovanni Guglielmetti and Marco Blei discuss how the outcome of the referendum could affect the new EU-wide paten

13 Jun 2016

Stairway to trial

US judges finds 'substantial' similarity between the first two minutes of roc

14 Apr 2016

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