Practice Notes: Human rights

Refusal to extend civil partnership to straight couples not unlawful

Government’s ‘wait and see’ policy was proportionate and justified, appeal judge

21 Feb 2017

Charities challenge Home Office over Dubs scheme decisions

Court to hear judicial reviews on resettlement cap and criteria for unaccompanied chil

15 Feb 2017

Lawyers slam ‘shameful’ MoD compensation reforms

Removal of duty of care may deny British troop

14 Feb 2017

Liberty from snooping

Eleanor Grey QC considers the prospect of a crowdfunded judicial review against the government’s controversial Investigatory Powers Ac

07 Feb 2017

Brexit: Judicial independence and the Bill of Rights

The article 50 question should ultimately be decided by the judges of the highest court, not by high-handed newspaper editors, writes Chri

01 Dec 2016

Can you help us to help others?

We can shine a light on some of the key areas of inequality facing our society, writes Davi

23 Nov 2016

Triumph of autonomy

Elizabeth Gibbison considers the delicate balance between human dignity and the sanctity of life following M v

22 Nov 2016

Sir Henry Brooke: Death penalty not up for debate

‘There will always be people who will want an eye for an eye, but I hope it won’t com

02 Nov 2016

Business and human rights: The UN’s principles and OECD guidelines

Companies would be well-advised to adhere to future binding obligations on human rights standards, writes Mirand

25 Oct 2016

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