Practice Notes: Human rights

Business and human rights: The UN’s principles and OECD guidelines

Companies would be well-advised to adhere to future binding obligations on human rights standards, writes Mirand

25 Oct 2016

Pardon or apology?

Statutory pardons for those convicted of outdated ‘gross indecency’ laws is a good start, but it does not close the book on the persecution of LGBT people,

21 Oct 2016

Half of global businesses at risk of human rights breach claims

UK government called upon to hold companies criminally accountable for serious abuses, including those committe

17 Oct 2016

How the government sees the profession: ‘Fat cats’, ‘activists’, and ‘vultures’

Lawyers are the pantomime villains in the Tories’ play for political point scoring, writes John van de

10 Oct 2016

‘Proud’ human rights lawyers accuse May of ‘ignorance’

Tory attacks on legal profession continue as prime minister criticises ‘harassment’ of Britis

06 Oct 2016

Amber Rudd must read her history after ‘abhorrent’ immigration plan

Lawyers condemn Home Office proposals as discriminatory an

05 Oct 2016

Actress tells top QCs to help refugees

10,000 refugees face imminent eviction from the Calai

05 Oct 2016

Armed forces should ‘fight the enemy, not the lawyers’

Politicians ‘vilify’ lawyers with claims of industrial-scale ‘spurious and vexatious’ litigatio

05 Oct 2016

Proportionality and private landlords

Alice Richardson analyses the Supreme Court judgment in McDonald v McDonald and considers its significance for futur

29 Sep 2016

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