Practice Notes: Health & Safety

APIL tells parliament that SARAH Bill is 'unnecessary'

Education, not legislation, needed to prevent litigation, claims not-for-profi

09 Sep 2014

APIL and the HSE champion 40-year-old Health and Safety at Work Act

System which has 'saved thousands of lives' under threat from governmen

04 Aug 2014

Populist 'SARAH' Bill is a licence for have-a-go-heroes, says APIL

Government 'rhetoric' will make bad neighbours out of Good Samaritan

21 Jul 2014

Firm footing

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act, now in its 40th year, is still fit for purpose and standing

08 Jul 2014

Letting the dust settle

McGregror v Genco (FC) Ltd shows the importance of assessing standards at the time of the alleged

01 Jul 2014

Personal injury lawyers must come together

The onslaught of reforms have left injured people the losers, says Joh

17 Jun 2014

Health and safety update

The government's desperation to reform health and safety legislation is putting workers'

21 May 2014

Enterprise Act: An Act of treachery

The change to death in the workplace legislation is an underhand act of government that sets back

01 May 2014

Health and safety update

Zahra Nanji considers whether Section 69 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act will increase

21 Jan 2014

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