Practice Notes: Health & Safety

MoD should be prosecuted for training deaths

The ministry has hid behind Crown immunity for too long, say

25 Apr 2016

Will new guidelines improve health and safety compliance?

Zahra Nanji and Andrew Cooper consider the sentencing guidance, including the requirement to classify organisations according to turnover when assessing th

24 Mar 2016

The future of food safety standards

Jatinder Paul warns that cuts to the Food Standard Agency's budget and lack of compulsory food hygiene ratings could leave consumers a

08 Mar 2016

Government up to its ‘old tricks’ with prison service compensation audit

BLM announce personal injury audit to support MoJ's crackdown on 'spurious

07 Mar 2016

Under-resourced local authorities struggle to tackle food crime

Food hygiene investigations down despite rise in consumer complaint

07 Mar 2016

Improved health and safety sentencing guidelines begin to bite

New guidelines represent a 'sea change', lawyers warn corporat

01 Feb 2016

Public safety 
versus public health

Jeremy Phillips considers a European ruling on gambling licences, cases on the boundary between the planning and licensing jurisdictions, and other signifi

19 Jan 2016

Moore Blatch launches ‘major trauma service’ aimed at the NHS

New service to help health service recover injury costs in light of 'outdate

01 Dec 2015

Courts must prepare for ‘barrage’ of guilty pleas

New sentencing guidelines could see businesses entering early pleas to avoid £20m fines, says health and safet

04 Nov 2015

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