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Health & Safety

Public safety 
versus public health

Jeremy Phillips considers a European ruling on gambling licences, cases on the boundary between the planning and licensing jurisdictions, and other signifi

19 Jan 2016

Moore Blatch launches ‘major trauma service’ aimed at the NHS

New service to help health service recover injury costs in light of 'outdate

01 Dec 2015

Courts must prepare for ‘barrage’ of guilty pleas

New sentencing guidelines could see businesses entering early pleas to avoid £20m fines, says health and safet

04 Nov 2015

Concussion: A matter of heart and head

Rugby is in the spotlight. Debate over the concussions that occurred during the Six Nations and at the end of the Premiership season is heightened n

20 Oct 2015

‘Auntie Christ’

Across the pond, a New York woman has failed in her attempts to sue her 12-year-old nephew over a birthday hug that left her with a broke

16 Oct 2015

Bereaved families treated like second-class citizens, says MP

'Ridiculous' law on psychiatric harm needs to be made fit fo

13 Oct 2015

New cross-party approach to catastrophic injury claims

A dozen insurers and 40 law firms sign up to improve old multi-trac

12 Oct 2015

Noise nuisance in the licensing area

Jeremy Phillips considers the concept of public safety in licensing reviews, the relevance of representations against a grant, and a proposal to hold ext

22 Sep 2015

Activity trackers in personal injury claims

In the era of Strava, Garmin, and the Apple Watch, I find myself increasingly asking my sportier clients who have suffered serious injuries if they used a

22 Sep 2015


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