Practice Notes: Health & Safety

Ongoing care

There's more to determining responsibility for paying for ongoing care than avoiding double cost

29 Sep 2006

Cheap talk?

Claimants should take the duty to negotiate under the 41st update to the Civil Procedure Rules 1998

22 Sep 2006

Regional focus: South-west

Jean-Yves Gilg discovers that life in the South-west can be as fast paced as in London but that

15 Sep 2006

Unsettling matters

Split trials, liability and undersettlement: Nicholas A Peacock explains how two recent decisions

18 Aug 2006

Litigation tactics

Martin Iller explores the limits of the ‘without prejudice' rule i

18 Aug 2006

Fiona Woolf

The new chair of the Law Society shares her plans for making the professional body relevant to al

28 Jul 2006

Coroner Service Reform

The draft Coroners Bill aims to make the coroner service more efficient. Andrew Alonzi explain

21 Jul 2006

Housing law update

Jim Shepherd and Dominic Preston discuss new legislation, human rights, possession claims,

14 Jul 2006

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