Practice Notes: Health & Safety

Word from the kopje

It’s not just sunshine in South Africa… Kerry Underwood remembers some of the wil

02 Mar 2007

Facing case management

Law firms need to adapt to obtain maximum benefit from case management systems, says IT columnist Ruper

02 Feb 2007

Choose your court

Michael Salter and Chris Bryden provide practical guidance on the most suitable forum in workplace discriminatio

08 Dec 2006

Accidents at work (6)

In the final article in this series, Gordon Exall looks at the Working Time Regulations, the Construction Regulations and the importance of training in ass

10 Nov 2006

Out with bullying

Bullying can have disastrous consequences, warns Jonatha

03 Nov 2006

Accidents at work (1)

Five years after his first series on accidents at work, Gordon Exall explores the changes in th

06 Oct 2006

Managing mediators

Paul Newman asks: if mediation is such a worthwhile ADR mechanism, why do we need an awarenes

06 Oct 2006

Ongoing care

There's more to determining responsibility for paying for ongoing care than avoiding double cost recovery. Jackie Lineha

29 Sep 2006

Cheap talk?

Claimants should take the duty to negotiate under the 41st update to the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 very seriously or risk a hefty cost bill. Peter Lindsay

22 Sep 2006

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