Practice Notes: Health & Safety

Music to their ears

Victoria Handley explains what the new noise regulations mean for the entertainment industry and how best to address hearing los

10 Aug 2007

A shock to the system

Victoria Handley discusses the implications of acoustic shock: what is it, what is the legal position and what steps can be taken to protec

13 Jul 2007

Now hear this

The Noise at Work Regulations 2005 could see an increased level of claims if employers fail to act, says Victoria Handle

15 Jun 2007

Whose terms prevail?

If businesses do not study their contracts and protect their interests, the law cannot help them, says Michae

11 May 2007

Purchase power

Multiple agreements: the minefield made clear? Frances Ratcliff

04 May 2007

Companies and insolvency update

Simon Graham considers the most recent instalment of the Companies Act 2006, while David Archer reviews the latest cases on insolvenc

20 Apr 2007

European briefing

Paul Stanley considers the consequences new cases on gambling, competition in the air travel sector, capitalisation rules, and the 50 years of the Treaty o

13 Apr 2007

Safer roads

Tougher driving tests for young drivers are a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to curb uninsured drivers. Roger Henderso

13 Apr 2007

North-east: legal aid in turmoil

North-east legal aid lawyers are set to be badly hit by the current reforms. Jean-Yves Gil

09 Mar 2007

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