Practice Notes: Family

Heed the warning

There are many reasons why a will might be successfully challenged, not least of all is an adviser failing to ask the right questions, warns Margre

21 Sep 2015

State of play: case summaries

Karen Bayley and Jennifer Ridgway review case law on the court's power to order the sale of a property, a Barder event and the restrictions placed o

21 Sep 2015

Bumps in the road

We can expect to run into a few more snags before the new LPA forms offer the accessibility and simplicity they were intended t

17 Sep 2015

Onto pastures new?

After years of being labelled the divorce capital of the world, there are signs that London might be taking steps to abdicate its unwante

16 Sep 2015

Family lawyers' new band

An alarming number of family lawyers seem unable to cope with the fact that they're no longer the first port of call for divorce proceedings, says A

15 Sep 2015

The Marriage Act 2013: A battle half won?

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, enacted in England and Wales in March 2014 with Scotland following suit the following December, has gone down as

15 Sep 2015

Secondary litigation and divorce

How do you reach an agreement in a divorce settlement when the breadwinner is involved in separate financia

14 Sep 2015

The Cohabitation Rights Bill: Where are we now?

As the number of cohabiting couples increases, Carla Ditz considers whether new legislation will provide these families with adequate lega

08 Sep 2015

Better late than never

Divorce rates among the elderly have been gradually increasing over the past few decades and they've heralded a unique set o

27 Aug 2015

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