Practice Notes: Family

Putting children first

Consider collaborative law and arbitration as out-of-court options this Family Dispute Resolution Week, advises Austi

17 Nov 2015

Domestic violence, 
society, and the law

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the issue of domestic violence is one of the most emotive topics in family law. After all, our home and the pe

17 Nov 2015

Lost in translation

The holistic approach required when ensuring that an international client's assets are correctly bequeathed leaves little room for error, cautions S

06 Nov 2015

Family practice after 
Sharland and Gohil

Deborah Levy considers the implications of the recent Supreme Court rulings for future divorce cases involving fraudulen

03 Nov 2015

Child support: Mind the gap

Separating parents must consider future education costs as early as possible to avoid a lacuna in the law surrounding child support, explains Carl

03 Nov 2015

Tying loose ends

How does a deputy deal with the avalanche of practical difficulties that arise when their donor moves int

02 Nov 2015

In everything but name

Divorced couples who continue to cohabit are likely to fall into a trap where their assets can still be claimed by their forme

29 Oct 2015

Eyes wide open

Are the proponents of a 'no-fault' divorce missing the point? Shouldn't we be doing more to educate society about the significance of marria

27 Oct 2015

Deemed domicile

The highly contentious non-domiciled tax status is going through a raft of sweeping changes; are you up t

26 Oct 2015

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