Practice Notes: Family

State of play: case summaries

Elizabeth Eyre and Jennifer Ridgway examine recent cases involving the taxation of offshore trusts, the appointment of suitable deputies and the arbitra

30 Nov 2015

Have you any rights?

The onus rests squarely on the shoulders of cohabiting couples to protect themselves because they will find no help from th

26 Nov 2015

From London, with love

Ashley King-Christopher looks at what has fuelled the large entry of family offices into London and whether the trend i

25 Nov 2015

Fortune rookie

High-net-worth individuals in Hong Kong are fast appreciating the need to have a robust succession planning strategy in place,reports Patrici

24 Nov 2015

Children want to play greater part in divorce process

Research from Resolution discloses thought processes of children experiencing their parents separatin

23 Nov 2015

An equal footing

Heterosexual couples want the same right as gay couples to form a civil partnership because many simply don't believe i

20 Nov 2015

Hide and seek

The Supreme Court has ruled that dishonesty during the agreement of a divorce settlement will not be tolerated, even in histori

20 Nov 2015

Family court sends ‘strong message’ over non-disclosure with sentence for contempt

The rule of law depends on compliance with court orders, says Mr Justic

19 Nov 2015

Supreme Court: UK a no-go for non-English speaking spouses

English test immigration rule does not breach article

18 Nov 2015

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