Practice Notes: Family

Surviving succession

The survival of a business does not always depend on its profitability; sometimes failing to

10 Feb 2016

One in ten Brits regret not signing a pre-nuptial agreement

Liverpool law firm claims a three-fold increase in demand for pre-marita

09 Feb 2016

Common law marriage is the 
stuff of fairy tales

Kate Johnson goes over the cold hard facts that endanger cohabiting couples'

04 Feb 2016

Supreme Court grants shared residence for left behind mother

Humane and modern judgment is of huge practical significance, says intervene

04 Feb 2016

Solicitor warns of 'marked increase' in FGM cases

Recognising the practice will help eradicate it, says Leicester lawyer ahead of the UN's global

03 Feb 2016

Relevant conduct

A will that excludes an adult child will continue to be upheld in the courts post Ilott,

03 Feb 2016

Estate administration best practice roundtable: Best of Intentions

When someone leaves a will, how do you know you have the right one? Or that the beneficiaries

02 Feb 2016

Taking sides

Trustees occupy a position where they must remain impartial but what happens when they have to

29 Jan 2016

Court of Appeal declares 'bedroom tax' unlawful

Government called upon to amend regulations to protect vulnerable women and disable

27 Jan 2016

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