Practice Notes: Family

Divorce demography: The rise of the ‘silver separators’

The changing face of the divorcing population and the financial implications for separating couples approaching retirement present new challenges for famil

26 Jan 2016

Strict evidential rules place domestic abuse victims at risk

Access to justice for vulnerable women is still being denied, latest finding

26 Jan 2016

Over 3,600 divorce cases contain faulty Form E calculation

Justice Minister Shailesh Vara apologises for Mo

21 Jan 2016

Bar Council cautious over plans to discard lawyers

Dispensing with lawyers could lead to 'denial of justice', says Ba

19 Jan 2016

An alternative to litigation?

Arbitration has slowly marched towards recognition and is now a viable alternative to litigation in family dispute resolutio

12 Jan 2016

Where was the government in Kerrie Backhouse’s case?

As every lawyer in the land will confirm, the law can be a slow moving beast, sometimes taking many decades to catch up with changing social realities. Wit

12 Jan 2016

'Divorce Day' 2016

Family lawyers braced for busy New Year period as divorce enquiries forecast to continue, says Irwi

11 Jan 2016

Searching for clarity in the family courts

The differing opinions of senior judges on matters such as the privacy of proceedings mean family practitioners can struggle to accurately advise clients,

22 Dec 2015

Exes’ finances falsely inflated from online MoJ bug

Urgent investigation launched into 'potentially catastrophic'

18 Dec 2015

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