Practice Notes: Family

Court of Appeal: Legal aid regulations legally flawed in domestic violence cases

'Harsh test' exclude victims from accessing legal aid and 'frustrates the purposes o

18 Feb 2016

Deleting an heir

Testamentary freedom will only be overlooked in unique circumstances but testators must help themselves by setting out thei

17 Feb 2016

Make sure they're golden

If your clients' are banking on the good life when they retire, they need to realise that it's a goal they have to reach for throughout their li

17 Feb 2016

How secure is a trust?

There is no guarantee that the courts will overlook a trust created prior to marriage when it comes to a nuptial settlement, finds Carme

17 Feb 2016

Mediation matters in family disputes

Carla Ditz looks at the current perceptions of mediation and why it remains largely unrecognised and perhaps underappreciated by couples as a means to reso

16 Feb 2016

Abduction and the court’s powers to determine habitual residence

Re B in the Supreme Court highlights the complications that arise when abduction is to a foreign jurisdiction, and where same-sex couples are concerned, wr

16 Feb 2016

The yellow brick road

Legal recognition of family types beyond the traditional family has come a long way and we must continue to driv

15 Feb 2016

Dissecting the ambush

It is not uncommon for assets to become 'nuptualised' after marriage, but what happens when a trust has been setup by the couple which expressly

11 Feb 2016

Surviving succession

The survival of a business does not always depend on its profitability; sometimes failing to have a succession plan in place can lead to its downfall

10 Feb 2016

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